Welcome to SNSMKR: Clear-Eyed Culture

If you’re like me, as you watch the sanity evaporating from public life, you wonder: what can I do? Whatever the answer, as Douglas Murray recently said, now is the time to do it.

And so I offer you SNSMKR. In short, it’s meant to be the Drudge Report for the pro-reason / woke-questioning space, except easier on the eyes and with higher standards.

I’ve drawn together quality content I’ve found at bigger publications, yes – but also hiding out in Substacks, YouTube channels, and Medium accounts. Folks like Andrew Sullivan, Jesse Singal, Robert Wright, Yascha Mounk, John Anderson, Cathy Young, and others. More recognizable names also include:

If you can find the time to browse SNSMKR regularly, my commitment to you is you won’t miss out on any of the key conversations or pieces circulating within the pro-reason, woke-questioning space. To that end, I’ve also set up a weekly email digest to deliver the week’s highlights.

In the coming weeks and months, in addition to curating content, I hope to expand the site with trending topics, events, and a community component. In the meantime, my biggest challenge is generating readership, so if this project resonates with you, I’d be honored if you’d share it with like-minded friends.

Happy sensemaking!

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